Why put up with worn wipers? They’re so easy to replace. Replace Wiper Blades for Safety Are you tired of smearing, screeching and chattering wiper blades? Do you dread another rainy drive without the benefit of an unobstructed view of the road? Buy a set of wiper blades and install them yourself. It takes only a few minutes, and simple instructions are right on the box.

Before you begin, here are two suggestions:

* You can make the wiper blade more accessible by stopping it in the most convenient location with the ignition key. Don’t use the wiper on-off switch, as it causes the wipers to stop in their parked position.

* Look for replacement rubber squeegees to avoid the cost of buying the entire blade and holder. They’re usually easily installed and can restore wiping action, as long as the rest of the components are OK. 15 percent of the vehicles passing through check lanes during National Car Care Month failed because of worn windshield wiper blades. The normal life expectancy of the rubber squeegee is six to 12 months. That’s reason enough to learn to do it yourself.